Along with April, this is the quietest month of the year on the comedy and event scene and a good time to take a break and help out with charities.
The first gig of the year was the Northcliff Surf Club Sportsman’s lunch on the Gold Coast on Jan 4th. It’s become a regular gig for me and one that draws together a lions share of the local business community to raise money for surf life saving. This year I was the host as well as entertainer. Other guest speakers included legendary UK comic Bob ‘The Cat’ Bevan (who was on the Ashes tour with English Cricket team) and former Aussie cricket great Greg Ritchie. Both were hilarious!
Another regular January gig is the annual AALCD Conference in Aspen Colorado. It was a very miserable ski season by U.S. standards but fantastic by Aussie standards as per usual. This year I hosted a panel on Women In the Workplace with Olympian and businesswoman Jane Flemming and iconic Australian TV producer Anita Jacoby. In the wake of the recent Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo movement stories it was a pretty lively chat!

Joke of the Month
“My son isn’t too bright. He can’t figure out why his sister has 3 brothers and he’s only got 2!”
(With apologies to Bob Bevan)